*I’ve written before about specific “muses” I have. This one isn’t connected to the other “Muse” poems. Erato is the Greek Muse of lyric poetry. This is about someone who inspires writing by their existence. Someone who makes you think that the writing can be true. Their smile is what draws you to them. You are spellbound by them. She is the one in your dreams.*


Hearing your sweet voice sets my soul alight.

It gives me the words I can truly write.

Your perfect beauty is unmatched to me.

Your radiant smile is what sets me free.

The curve of your lips makes me weak inside.

All I can dream of is you by my side,

Holding your hand and never letting go.

I’m a captive to the way that you glow.

You can change yourself any way you’d like,

But you’ll always cause the arrows to spike.

You make me believe that love can be real.

You conquer me with how you make me feel.

You’re a muse who inspires with all you do.

The love in my heart only beats for you.

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