Eternal Love

*This is the 100th love poem on the site despite how many love poems there are compared to other types.  At the moment it’s the longest poem I’ve ever written, 114 lines of iambic pentameter following a Shakespearean rhyme pattern (ababcdcd….).  There are 2 sets of lines with a similar rhyme scheme but they are slightly different, so no 2 sets of lines is a repeated rhyme pattern.  It’s about someone you’re crazy for.  Someone you really want to be with more than anything.  They’re everything to you. You only want them, and nothing else would ever be good enough because of who they are and what they do to you. You’re right together, and you want them and no one else.*


What I’ve always wanted is to have you.

In my eyes your perfection shines like gold.

Despite any trouble I’d fight on through.

I will be your shelter from freezing cold.

In despondent nights you’ll stay in my arms.

Together as one we’ll last in this world.

We will overcome any pain that harms.

At first sight my heart was truly left whirled.

It was in that moment I knew desire.

It was then that the flames ensnared my heart.

With hungry eyes I longed for your fire.

Your burning passion has torn me apart.

There are times when I’m lost in thought for days.

There are times when I long for you at night.

Thoughts of your love leave my soul in a daze.

Just the look on your face sets me alight.

I’m spellbound by the sparkle in your eyes.

My senses swoon when I pick up your scent.

You’re better than you will ever realize.

You’re an angel who must be heaven sent.

Thoughts of you send my heart to new places.

The butterflies beat my heart like a drum.

When I think of your kiss my heart races.

A world without you would make all life numb.

When you’re around my worries disappear.

When I gaze in your eyes I have no strife.

Your radiant smile can quell any fear.

I have known peace since you’ve entered my life.

These feelings you cause make my world sublime.

There is nothing better that could compare.

Thinking of you keeps me frozen in time.

You are the answer to all of my prayers.

You are the perfection I see in dreams.

In the sky you’d be the glistening moon,

With shining beauty in your glowing beams.

Having your love would be a precious boon.

I’d give anything to hear from your voice,

To hear those three words from your very speech.

Those honeyed words would make my heart rejoice.

Words of commitment that I’d never breach.

I could have never dreamt of love so pure.

I never pictured love simple and clean.

But I never knew a goddess before.

I never knew such a heavenly queen.

Such perfection is truly royalty.

I’d swear myself to be your loving king.

I’d give you my ethereal loyalty.

Your love could make grieving Orpheus sing.

You make my heart sing a beautiful song,

While my soul plays a melody so soft.

This perfect fusion makes my love grow strong.

Thinking of you sends my spirit aloft.

Loving you is a catharsis within.

Untamed emotion fills my very soul.

Each of these thoughts makes my head start to spin,

But every thought makes my life feel whole.

Many thoughts fill my head at all hours.

They make me wonder how I stay intact.

I ache for a love we can call ours.

You’re who I’ve always wanted to attract.

You’re the only one who’s made me like this.

You’re the only one who gives me this spark.

When I see you I feel heavenly bliss.

Missing you makes this whole world become dark.

Without you life becomes empty and blank.

Life is a struggle without you nearby.

When you’re gone I become lifeless and dank.

Fragments of my heart scream out just to cry.

Love without you would still leave me lonely.

You make me feel in ways like no other.

You truly are my one and my only.

I know there would never be another.

No beauty compares to your perfection.

No one could equal what you give to me.

There’s no one I’d rather give affection.

There is no one with whom I’d rather be.

If you were the wind you’d be the calm breeze.

In the seasons you’d be the Springtime sun.

With your love I would always be at ease,

Because I know that you’re truly the one.

I couldn’t dream of you going away.

My heart couldn’t handle knowing such pain.

I always hope that you’ll be here to stay.

Despite my words it’s still hard to explain.

You mean more to me than you’d ever know.

When you’re in my arms these feelings expand.

When I miss you they continue to grow.

Without you I’m just a line in the sand.

The passion I feel will never burn out.

I only hope you can feel it enough.

You’re truly all I ever think about.

I only hope this love won’t know rebuff.

This fervent love for you will never yield.

These butterflies will always make me shake.

When you need protection I’ll be your shield.

I’ll never let your heart feel pain or ache.

Protecting your heart will be my duty.

I’ll be by your side and I’ll never leave.

I’d sacrifice so much for your beauty.

When we are together your heart won’t grieve.

You’ve given my heart real reason to plead.

You make me feel like I am on cloud nine.

The love you can grant is the love I need.

I would give anything to make you mine.

I’ll love you until I turn back to dust.

I’ll love you when my body fades to bone.

I’ll love you after my heart starts to rust.

I’ll love you when I pass to the unknown.

Loving you makes me truly feel alive.

I cannot believe that I know such luck.

This burning love of mine will always thrive,

Because at first sight you left me awestruck.

You’ll always be all I ever think of.

You’ll be my forever eternal love.

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