* A poem I wrote because a couple friends brought up why this issue keeps getting on everyone’s nerves.  It’s a message to the people who are afraid to be themselves….STOP CARING, JUST DO IT! *




Faces in a crowd,
They all seem the same to me.
Can’t see the unique.

It doesn’t seem right,
But to them it feels so good.
All the same faces.

No one acts alone.
They’re too scared to be themselves.
Shameless mimicry.

It controls the world,
The fear of being different.
What is the big deal?

Why can’t they stand up?
Why can’t they march out of line,
To their own drummers?

I don’t understand,
Why this fear controls many.
Doesn’t affect me.

Its not difficult,
To simply just be yourself.
Why is that so bad?

Why follow the crowd,
When the lone wolf path is there?
Pointless, stupid fears.

They need a new path.
The crowd’s a broken record.
Why repeat the trend?

Uniqueness defines,
Us for who we truly are.
Mortal perfections.

What defines unique,
When to be different is bad?
What’s acceptable?

Why do crowds control?
Individuals make them.
Why do they let them?

Uniqueness is good.
It should be embraced as such.
Fears prevent this though.

The demotic god,
The brainwashing media,
Instills ignorance.

People are so scared,
Of something special and good.
Life’s contradiction.

Perception matters.
Judgment terrifies the world.
The crowd is frozen.

The fear stops them cold.
But being unique is good.
Judgment paradox.

March to your own beat.
Step out of the drummer’s line.
Stop being afraid.

Spin a new record.
Break free from conformity.
Be your own person.

Faces in the crowd.
Separate from all the norms.
Let true selves be seen.

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