Fire Woman

*Someone whose a bad idea, and you really don’t care because it’s what you both want anyway. Trying to convince them to go all-in. She seems innocent to anyone else but you know how she really thinks. There’s a few song references that were intentional. The song the title matches was the original inspiration.*

Little devil let me near your fire.

You’re my one and only true desire.

A fire woman lighting my heart up,

With faux innocence within your makeup.

The two of us know what you really need.

Let your feelings burn so you can be freed.

We’ve waited for a moment for so long.

Together is where we truly belong.

I know how to complete the way you feel,

So let’s get lost and let life be surreal,

Let’s give in and let the flames burn brighter.

I want to be your final igniter,

The one to light you like a burning sun.

I will love you better than anyone.

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