*Someone who grabs your attention. They’re not in a great situation but they’ll get a better one. Probably with you. Used a friend as the base but this one isn’t a confessional or some thing, just a cheer-up gift like I used to do all the time when asked.*

My heart flutters when I look at your face.

Your gaze could leave me hypnotized for days.

Just a simple look can make my heart race.

You’re too beautiful for these words of praise.

Someone like you deserves the very best.

No other beauty could compare to you.

Just looking at you is like feeling blest.

You’re like an angel, too good to be true.

I find myself questioning if you’re real,

With your beautiful face and gorgeous soul.

Many would wish for just one kiss to steal.

When you’re near, feelings are hard to control.

You’re the goddess that most only dream of.

You deserve an endless and perfect love.

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