For The People

*I was reflective last night, thinking back on an uncertain piece I wrote about the worries and division about the current occupant’s inauguration. I decided to do this as a counter to that. Seeing Kamala Harris as the candidate I believe in after thorough vetting. The references here are mainly to things she’s said, things in her campaign, and the meaning of her name. There are a few other things referenced you may catch as well.*

Looking in the glass only brings despair.

A real resistance needs a call to arms,

Not through a show of force or thoughts and prayers,

But through the right leader with unique charms.

Only detachment can break division.

Unity is achieved through hope and joy.

We need courage, justice, and a vision,

To march onward rather than burn like Troy.

We have a chance to show who we all are,

To tell the world that we’re better than this.

We’re more than puppets of a paper tsar.

The road to victory is paved through bliss.

For the people, the lotus brings rebirth.

A path to heal is a fight that has worth.

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