Forbidden Lust

*About someone you can’t have, but someone who you really want.  It wouldn’t realistically work out but the fantasy in your head is pretty nice.  The more you think about them though, the more you realize there’s more to it than just wanting them, but you accept how things are because that’s what’s right to you.*


When I see your beauty I know desire.

You bring out the passion within my heart.

The way I long for you burns like fire.

I hate all the time that we spend apart.

You’re a temptress the way you look at me.

This forbidden lust seems like the best prize.

I want to break these cages and be set free.

There’s more to this than I think we realize.

When too much time passes I miss your face.

When I see your lips I want them with mine.

When you come around my heart starts to race.

I am aware how this love cannot shine.

Forbidden to me, but not to my soul.

Together as one the world would be whole.

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