Forbidden Temptation

* Since the last 19 posts or so are pretty old, I wanted to add something new….about someone you can’t have for whatever reason, but that you want anyway.*


In the whispering wind I hear your voice.

Your words melt my heart when I hear your call.

Seeing you pass by makes my heart rejoice.

With you in my world, troubles seem so small.

I can disappear in these thoughts of you.

You are my own forbidden temptation.

It’s a hidden hell that’s worth living through,

As in the end you’ll bring me salvation.

The simple sight of you eases the pain.

Your beauty alone can set my heart free.

You’ve ignited a love I can’t contain.

Maybe one day you can be here with me.

It’s a wishful future that’s worth the fight,

An impossible future I’ll rewrite.

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