Forever Adore

*About being frozen when it comes to telling someone how you feel and how crazy you really are for them. And doubting you could live up to what they should have.*


I keep telling myself that maybe the day is finally here.

Then I laugh and retreat in my fear.

I don’t see why you would stay.

You could do so much better than my twisted ways.

I feel like we’re in a game that I keep failing.

I can’t get past the first level while you’re worlds away.

I want to say those three words each and every day.

But I can never find the will or the way.

Something about you leaves my mind torn and frayed.

My heart freezes and my brain feels flayed.

I tell myself this is how it has to be.

That theres’ never a way you would go for me.

That I could never deserve someone as great as you.

Someone whose flaws I see right through.

When I look at you there’s only beauty.

Where you find faults, I only see perfections.

In your eyes I feel protection,

From a cruel world that’s always been so unforgiving.

In your smile I feel warmth.

The fires that could bring us eternal bliss.

On the inside it’s still the same.

You’re the angel I’ve always longed for.

You’re the muse I’ve wished I could write for.

You’re the one love I could forever adore.

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