Fractured Mirror

* Seeing someone grow bitter, who should instead open up and express how they really feel. Asking them to give a chance they’re afraid to offer anyone.*

This wind is brisk.
The night is cold and bitter.
It reminds me of you.
Fragile, frozen, and lacking in warmth.
Not because of you.
But of what you have suffered.
You’re as cold as ice.
And you need a fire.
A flame to mend a broken heart.
To keep your heart beating.
A flame to weld back the pieces of you.
Pieces of a goddess.
Perfection left shattered like a fractured mirror.
Pieces of frozen glass that should melt into one.
One burning, fiery, beating heart.
One that can accept the way I feel.
And one that won’t be scared to share this love.
Control your winds and make them strong.
Strong, to let them fan the eternal flames of love.
To grow the fire, rather than to ice the heart.
To spread this love that burns between us.

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