*About wanting to be with someone who isn’t capable of being with someone. Waiting isn’t what’s hard, the fact that you have to deal with the situation is. Questioning yourself is. Wondering if they ever will come around like they should when they put up walls. Feeling like a ghost to them.*

I’m sick of gazing out these window panes,

Feeling nothing but emotional pains.

I’m fractured like a piece of shattered glass.

But I stay still waiting for time to pass.

They say the waiting is the hardest part,

But the distance is what slices my heart.

Standing next to a smiling, broken shell,

Pretending keeping quiet isn’t hell,

Pretending that none of this could be real.

Pretending this can’t be the way I feel.

Is it illusion I see in your eyes?

Or do I trick myself as my heart cries?

Am I another ghost you’ll pass on through?

Or will you take the love I can give you?

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