Givin’ The Devil Her Due

*from the class, this one was written because a friend dared me to write it about someone we know.  It’s a running joke about her basically.*

I hate you with such a burning passion,

Succubus, you suck the life out of me.

I don’t know why you show me compassion.

Despite giving me hell, you set me free.

You can’t comprehend what you put me through.

You’re the worst thing to exist in my life.

Despite all this, I’m still burning for you.

You’re a she-devil, bringing constant strife.

Yet knowing this, you still have me spellbound.

I’m spellbound by a beautiful devil.

Heaven’s on fire when you come around.

You bring my emotions to new levels.

Despite causing hell, you bring me great bliss.

Who knows, maybe I’ll luck out with a kiss?

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