*About giving up on someone because your selfrespect is worth more. Wasting time with someone who feels like a vampire, telling them to go waste someone else’s time or get their act together because they’d probably be worth it in the future, but not now. If you understand the unrelated song reference, you’re my new best friend.*

Guess I was made to love something broken,

Where my words might be better unspoken.

I’m sick of the sadness masking your face.

Despair that won’t vanish with an embrace.

I’ve seen enough blood drip down from my neck.

I’ve spent too much time feeling like a wreck.

Find another soul to fulfill your lust.

Go find someone else and shatter their trust.

Not lonely but I’d be better alone,

Instead of you dancing on my gravestone.

Over time some people will see the light.

But sometimes things just aren’t worth the fight.

A small bit of love can go a long way.

Give yours to yourself ’till another day.

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