*Waiting for someone you want to be with to stop preventing their own happiness. They can end you, and they’re tearing you apart, but they’re doing it to theirself too. Something’s there, and you just want it to happen already.*

I’m waiting for you to pull the trigger,

To give us both a new sense of vigor.

Keep the barrel aimed at my beating heart,

Or spare me and quit tearing me apart.

I want the life that I should have with you,

Not the torture that you put yourself through.

There is a gun aimed at the both of us,

But there’s too much that we need to discuss.

We dance in circles instead of as one,

Waiting to taste the warm steel of a gun.

We’re just waiting to have a taste of peace,

To be together and feel a release.

There’s too much for us to throw it away.

Too much to want to waste another day.

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