Haiku of Othello

*Apologies for not updating the site in a few weeks, been very busy.  The next couple posts are from another project for my AP Lit class.  The project was basically whatever we wanted for Shakespeare’s “Othello”.  So of course I did poetry……again.  This is a haiku based on the character Othello himself.*

Haiku of Othello

The Dark Governor,
Warped by jealousy and love.
Confused General.

Betrayed by his own,
Because of hate and envy.
A tragic hero.

Used for others’ gain.
Led to madness and murder.
Violent state of mind.

Leader among men.
Could not lead himself through hell.
Still loved in the end.

Wanted redemption.
Killed himself to save his name.
The Moor, Othello.

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