Head Games

*About someone you’re clearly into who seems to reciprocate it. You’re just asking if enough is enough because why aren’t the two of you just acting on it already. Who cares what anyone else thinks, there’s clearly something between you.*


Aren’t you sick of all of these head games?

The hints that you give when you call me names.

The subtle touch you give when you walk by.

The way you smile when we lock our eyes.

How we hide the thoughts that we cannot say.

All the little things that make up each day.

Or the things I say when I speak to you.

How my words contradict the things I do.

How I can’t look away when you are near.

How we make things tough when the thoughts are clear.

It seems like we’re stuck on an endless loop.

But your beauty takes my heart in a swoop.

I’m tired of hiding all that is real.

When I’m with you I know just how I feel.

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