Heart of a Fallen Angel

*About witnessing someone going through a rough breakup. Relating to what they feel. Knowing it gets better.*

It feels like life is hollow.
You question the good, and dwell on the bad.
Like iron chains, memories leave you bound.
Your psyche is left as shattered glass.
Broken, beaten, scarred.
You doubt the feelings of your fading memories.
You cast away those you love.
I know because I’ve been there.
I’ve seen what gets done,
When the butterflies have clipped wings,
When the mirrors crack in broken images,
When your heart feels faded to black.
You suffer through each aching breathe.
You lose your soul to the world around you.
Searching desperately and clinging to nothing,
But words you feel are stained and hollow.
When you feel the void the sun still rises.
Stars still glimmer in an endless night.
Feelings change as the wind in the seasons.
What’s left behind is the hardest part.
Blurred memories and mixed emotions.
But if they’re true they’ll never die.
You just learn what you deserve.
A better, happy life.
The songs of all the heavens,
Should shower you with delights.
No angel should stay clipped.
Even when the wings leave you to feel fallen.

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