Hope in Dread

*About someone you really want to be with. You can’t read them, but they have the same feelings of loneliness and doubt about entering a relationship that you do. You don’t think the negative feelings will subside until the two of you are together and let yourselves be happy like you deserve, because you’re right for each other.*


I’m always unsure about reaching out.

My heart’s full of love, but my head has doubt.

I never know what goes on in your head.

In your presence, hope emerges from dread.

A hope that one day I might be with you.

A hope that you already share my view.

Some nights the dread still takes control of me,

And leaves my heart begging to be set free.

My mind is split like two sides of a coin,

A rift that won’t seal until we both join,

Together like how we are truly meant,

So we’ll be free from this endless torment.

Free from the loneliness that dwells within,

Free for the lives we deserve to begin.


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