Hope in the Night

*Staying awake just thinking about someone. Getting frustrated because you don’t think they see how you feel or you don’t think they remotely care.*

There is always a reason I can’t sleep.
Lately the cause is what you put me through.
These emotions I feel can seem too deep.
My heart pounds whenever I think of you.
Each night I hold out hope that you’ll call me.
I miss the relaxing sound of your voice.
I truly wonder if we’re meant to be.
But I feel like I’ll never be your choice.
I know the risk, but they’re ones that I’d take.
Isn’t it worth it to fight for true love?
I’d be the best decision you could make.
In each of these nights you’re all I think of.
I hate the seconds that we spend apart.
You possess the full essence of my heart.

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