Hostage of Love

*About someone who captivates you but doesn’t seem to feel the same things for you. You’re just waiting for the right chance and hoping she gives it to you.*

Another day passes and I’m still your captive.
Still spellbound by all you do.
Your magic keeps me in place with a single glance.
When I look at you I become entranced.
The longer I stare, the more your beauty is enhanced.
Your radiance grows with the passage of time.
I’m your hostage of love, waiting for you to be mine.
Waiting to taste your lips,
To feel the sway of your hips,
To give you all one could ever give.
Waiting for you to unbind the chains you cause within me.
Waiting for you to set my heart free.
To unite it with yours.
The way we were meant to be.

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