* About someone who doesn’t see how great they are. Someone who deals with unnecessary hurt because they don’t think they deserve better. In reality they’re incredible and deserve the best. You want to give that to them because even though you say you don’t deserve it, you both do and you’re capable of being the one for them.*

Do you ever get sick faking your smile?
Does it hurt being treated so hostile?
I want to break the chains that bind your soul.
Together as one we would become whole.
No one else deserves the greatness you do.
I see perfection when I look at you.
I never knew a heart could be so pure.
I want to make you feel truly secure.
You deserve more than a person can give.
You could give a man a purpose to live.
Yours is beauty I don’t deserve to see.
One look in your eyes is enough for me.
I feel spellbound by an angel on earth.
How can I prove to you my love has worth?

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