I Am Samael

I Am Samael

I am the reaper of the darkest fields.
I am the face you wish to have concealed.
I summon waves to sink your precious towns.
I am the eyes that watch your children drown.
I am the Fallen Arch, watching your lands.
I am the storm that shifts the desert sands.
I am the Abyssal One, Creeping Death.
I am Esau’s Guardian, Yahweh’s breath.

Why do you doubt my immortal power?
Why do you not run in fear and cower?
Did you not see me pass the doors of blood?
Did you not see the armies die in floods?
Have you not seen my might stretch for great lengths?
Why do you question my soul slaying strength?
Do you not see death with your mortal eyes?
Do you not fear your own hellish demise?

I am the ferryman you pay your life.
I am the Angel of eternal strife.
I lord over souls as the Prince of Air.
You may foolishly doubt me if you dare.
I will come for you in the fog of night.
You’ll quickly perish in my divine light.
I’ll come under light of the star-dogged moon.
Then you’ll learn the gift of life is a boon.

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