I Miss You

* this one was for a friend who wanted one… haven’t seen them in a while so the way it was personalized was a “hey i miss you, i love you, come here” kind of thing…yes the Motley Crue reference in the first line was intentional. *


The sight of your beauty kick-starts my heart.

Your glowing smile is a great work of art.

I see heaven when I look in your eyes.

Your doe-like beauty makes my heart arise.

You are truly an angel on this earth.

I would do anything to prove my worth,

To prove how much I love you so dearly.

I’d do anything for you sincerely.

You deserve nothing but the best in life.

Without your love my heart only knows strife.

I miss just the thought of your smile alone.

I miss the beauty I’m lucky you’ve shown.

I miss this goddess I’m lucky to love.

I miss you so much, you’re all I’ve dreamt of.

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