Iago’s Last Words

*This is the last piece from my AP Lit project, and its one of the harder things I’ve ever tried to write.  It is a dramatic monologue meant to be spoken by Iago, the main villain in Shakespeare’s “Othello”.  It takes place during his last spoken words in the play.  It didn’t actually happen but its my own sort of  “what if” for what if Iago actually explained his actions to Othello at the end of the play.  And what what a twisted person like him say to validate himself.  Any lines that are in italics are direct word-for-word quotes from the play..If i miss one direct italicization don’t kill me for it.  26 lines, Iambic pentameter, every line is a couplet, tried to use Shakespearean era English.  The last 2 lines do not form a true rhyming couplet but they are the last spoken words by Iago (atleast in the copy of the play that I have.)*

Iago’s Last Words

How poor are the fools that have not patience.
The chaos is come again
to balance,
Ambivalence from God and Perdition.
It cuts into men’s souls, a great fission.
The fools with naught patience, have lives trying.
Beast judges, with no prayer for the dying.

Trifles to jealous, become holy writ.
Thou art moved by jealousy’s rash acquit.
I follow thou to serve mine coming turn.
Mine righteous motives are thy acts of spurn.
Mine own wife had been lying with thee, Moor.
So ‘tis fair to paint thy wife as a whore.
A she-devil, lying with thine honest,
Lieutenant, who thou judgest as bravest.
Another fool, controlled by what mars him.
Alcohol mars, but the sword carves his limb.

The green-ey’d monster, which doth mock the meat,
It feeds upon
, is the key of deceit.
The curse that binds both our souls together,
Thine black soul and mine white bound forever.
Knavery’s plain face, never seen till us’d,
‘tis what connects us, keeps our souls so fused.
Look around thyself and see Death’s own face.
Embrace it well, for it greets thee with grace.
Demand me nothing, what you know, you know.
From this time forth I never will speak word.

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