*About slowly falling for someone, then falling hard when you finally realize what’s happening to you. You don’t want anything else. What you wanted was right there this whole time.*

I’ve been suppressing these thoughts for too long.

They awaken each time I see your face.

The sound of your voice can soothe every wrong.

Just reading your name can make my heart race.

My chest keeps pounding when I catch your gaze.

It feels like the steady beat of a drum.

The thought of you sends me into a craze.

You’re not trying, but I’m under your thumb.

I guess the butterflies learnt how to fly.

They’ve been trapped too long in an empty shell.

They’re free to illuminate the night sky.

My soul is set to stay under your spell.As I drift asleep I start to feel free.

All I can imagine is you with me.

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