I’m 93, You’re 16

*This one’s from 3 years ago. A friend who happened to like KISS didn’t think I could pull off a love poem with a lot of KISS references. I did since she was speechless after she got it.  It originally had her name in the last line but I’m not really a fan of keeping those poems in tact. Goin’ Blind was her favorite KISS song. The title is from the song. We don’t talk anymore though.*

Since seeing your face I’ve been starry-eyed.

I really want to have you by my side.

This is true love, there’s no doubt in my mind.

To all others my heart’s been goin’ blind.

Even if I should, I will never leave.

I’ll hold you close so you can hear me breathe.

You’re no hard luck woman like you think so.

Your lightning’s all I need to get through though.

When I think of you all the sparks ignite.

You drive me wild and crazy ev’ry night.

This love I have will set the world on fire.

With your love all these flames will get higher.

Girl I know I was made for lovin’ you.

My beloved darling, what can I do?

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