*About wasting your time with someone who doesn’t deserve you. Realizing you only saw the good or what reminded you of someone else, and that they really were imperfect to the point you shouldn’t have overlooked anything. Someone else would deserve you, but not the real them.*

It wasn’t you when I looked in your eyes.

It just took me too long to realize,

I was looking for someone else’s soul,

Trying to capture what would make me whole.

Every night I saw someone else’s face.

You’re not good enough to make my heart race.

Imperfection isn’t always beauty.

Not everyone can deserve my duty.

Only someone special is right for me.

A type of person you could never be.

I thought things were perfect when I had you,

But you weren’t worth the hell I went through.

You’re poison that could have torn me apart,

Unlike someone who would deserve my heart.

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