Inner Beauty

*About someone who makes you secondguess yourself. Someone who is pretty but they could win you over instantly just by how they act and who they are. Someone who actually deserves the cliché fairy tale treatment.*

Feelings shift cancerously with you near.
I miss the blessing of having you here.
You make hearts melt with your radiant smile.
I’d give so much to have you here a while.
There are times I question whether you’re real.
But sometimes I don’t quite know how I feel.
Your beauty could enchant the inner soul.
But your spirit could make any man whole.
You truly deserve the finest of things.
When I think of your beauty my heart sings.
Your tenderness could warm a frozen heart.
Your loving nature is a work of art.
Many claim to be pure in what they do
But no one else is a goddess like you.

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