*Someone awe-inspiring. You don’t always have the right words, but even when you do they don’t seem to be enough to really say how you feel. She’s interested but doesn’t seem to know what she actually does to you. because words don’t quantify it enough*


You inspire the words that come from my soul,

The many things my heart can never say.

A single smile makes me feel like I’m whole.

Each time you stare I just want you to stay.

I catch the little glimpses from your eyes.

I catch the way you innocently blush.

You don’t realize you make my heart rise,

Full of power like a waterfall’s rush.

Love flows like an endless stream when you’re here.

When you turn away the stream doesn’t halt.

It only makes me wish that you were near.

Thoughts of you make inspiration exalt.

You make it flow like the blood in my veins.

With you at my side my soul has no pains.

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