Iron Horse

Iron Horse

On an open highway he sells his soul,

With his trusty Horse he shoots for his goal,

Nothing sets him free quite like the high speeds,

The roar of the engine is all he needs,

Born to lose, he sets out on the long road,

As rubber burns he feels his heart explode,

He clenches his knuckles on the leather,

He will ride on through all types of weather,

His reliable Horse is his true wife,

His Iron Horse is what gives him his life,

He finds solace in gripping the wheel tight,

Nothing is better than the rides at night,

On the dark highways he finds peace of mind,

On his Horse he leaves all his pain behind.

2 thoughts on “Iron Horse

  1. nice stuff I thought you jhad left the sonnet iwth “I am…” (though the rhyme & pentameter were still there; back to the sonnet with the others…nice to see you still at it, though other obligations occupy you

    1. I’m tryin’ to just kinda go all over the place with the writing with how I do the sonnets and the actual content, the “I Am Samael” is supposed to be more of a monologue with him speaking to a random human…It’s nice to finally have enough free time to get back to doing this though, even though my work/school schedule at the moment barely gives me any time for anything else.

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