Je T’aime

*Wanting to be with someone badly and not knowing what they really want. Wondering if it’s worth staying up at night thinking about and what they think when they’re already everything to you.*

Je t’aime more and more with each passing day.

And each night I wish I knew what to say.

I’m lost when I don’t get to hear your voice.

I am aching to be your only choice,

The one you want to share your whole world with.

I’ll make you believe love can’t be a myth.

I know it’s real when I look in your eyes.

I feel my heart soaring into the skies.

To win your heart I’d travel far and wide.

Heaven is real when you’re here by my side.

Each night I ask what goes on in your head,

Wondering if I’d be better off dead.

Perfection is timeless when I’m with you.

I just need to know if you feel this too.

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