*this is a poem from the creative writing class…the prompt was to write about a place that means a lot to you that you like a lot, I wrote about two places and combined it to one because they are similar…Two jetties down the Jersey shore… One is in Cape May near a Marianist Retreat House.  The other is in a location between Briggantine and Atlantic City that is really easy to miss…It’s an amazingly relaxing area…so the poem’s simply called Jetty..its a string of haikus*


Waves all crashing,
Moving the sand around,
A Perfect mixture,

I stand on the rock,
The world around me stands still,
Between two beaches,

The bridge is behind,
The cars don’t know what they miss,

The rare passerby,
Doesn’t notice what he has,
Dumb ignorance,

Heaven on the earth,
Plain, as crashing waves on rocks,
Waves all crashing.

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