Just One Chance

* It’s a cathartic release.  Built up emotion just outpouring over someone because they just can’t get out of your head.  Anything outside reason that could make you hesitant isn’t worth it.  You’ll do anything to win them over. Originally it was going to be a sonnet but too many things kept coming to me to care about form so it’s an all-over-the-place free verse that I don’t normally do. This was written in about 5 minutes……. *

I would go to the ends of the Earth for you.
I would run through hellfire just to hear you call out for me.
I would walk on water to be perfect in your eyes.
Such an immaculate soul would be wronged by any less.
You are the reason for all these restless nights.
These nights I toss and turn and hope for you.
I hope to even dream of even having a chance.
Just to have one chance to get you in my arms.
One chance to feel a breathless kiss.
One chance to calm quivering lips.
Your love would set the sails of the thousand ships,
And I would be at the helm commanding them.
Praying to God in a blackened sky.
Praying in a hopeless world, for the light of a goddess.
To hope I’d be blessed enough for your radiant presence.
I would climb any mountain to the icy peaks.
I would sail through a maelstrom just for one look.
One glance from your mesmerizing eyes would be all I need to feel perfection.
The warmth of your loving smile would make any trouble wilt away.
You are the radiance I’ve always longed for.
You are my so-called dream girl, to great for this world.
A kiss would free me from this hellish abyss.
Your love would set me free unto eternal bliss.

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