King of Hearts

*About someone you aren’t with who makes you feel perfect. You’re crazy about them because they’re perfect to you. The ace of spades is usually the trump card in a deck of cards, and she holds that power over you. The suicide king is another name for the king of hearts in a deck of cards. You want the feelings to continue and spread to her.


Maybe I’ve become the suicide king.

Torn between emotions of love and pain,

Feelings of bliss that still manage to sting.

Though with you here I’ll continue my reign.

You are the diamond I’m fixated on,

The essence of radiance that I love.

The one who could make me feel like a pawn,

On a chessboard played by angels above.

But even angels can’t compare to you.

Beauty as mighty as the ace of spades,

That ignites feelings I know to be true.

With you my emotion always cascades.

Your beauty sets me free and keeps me bound.

In this catharsis I want to be drowned.

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