Kisha Dothraki (We Ride)

*I still have a pretty long way to go in getting remotely comfortable with the language, but with the living language book….this is a poem in the Dothraki language that originated in the Song of Ice and Fire series, and is spoken a lot in parts of the show Game of Thrones. The language isn’t exactly close to a “language of love” outside of a couple phrases between Drogo and Daenerys. It’s written as a brief monologue piece from a male Dothraki directed to a Dothraki woman he is in love with and views as so great she is equal to how the former Khal Drogo would have viewed the Kahleesi. The English at the bottom is the translation. It is meant to be read in the context of what these things mean to the Dothraki. (If you know Game of Thrones you’ll get this a lot more than someone who doesn’t watch)*

Anha zhilak year zheanae

Zheanae atthirari anni.

Kisha dothraki chekosshi niyanquoy.

Hezhah, alle, arranne niyanquoy.

Yer allayafi anna.

Anha emak yer disse.

Kisha dothraki k’athhajari, k’zheani

Anha zigerek yer nakhaan, anni khaleesi zheanae.



I love you beautiful.

Beautiful moon of my life.

We ride excellently together.

Far, further, carelessly together.

You please me.

I smile at you exclusively.

We ride strongly, beautifully.

I need you completely, my beautiful queen.

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