Koi No Yokan

*Koi No Yokan is a Japanese phrase that basically describes a feeling where you meet someone for the first time, and you aren’t in love at first sight but you know that you two will be in love at some point inevitably. It’s also a pretty good album.  I just like the phrase and have wanted to write something using it for a while.  This is one of my personal favorites out of things I’ve written.*


When our eyes met, the spark ignited me.

A sense of calm ensnared my worried soul.

These chains of my soul have set my heart free.

Holding you in my arms makes my world whole.

Looking at you burnt the ice in my heart.

The flames inside burn so brightly for you.

I have felt this way from the very start.

Koi No Yokan is what you put me through.

These flames have been burning since our first sight.

Your calming presence has quelled all my fears.

I have never known a feeling so right.

I will love you until the end of years.

The love we’ll share is beyond all compare.

I will always show you how much I care.

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