Late At Night, Lately At Night

* A reflective one….What comes up late at night when I can’t sleep, a reason for insomnia, or explanation of what keeps people up sometimes when they pretend they’re asleep…….may or may not have written this very late at night and passed out during the writing.*

With each song that I play I see your face.

All these lyrics of love make my heart race.

As I lie in bed I miss you badly.

Thoughts of you just make me love you madly.

I gaze out the window missing your sight.

Thinking of you keeps me up late at night.

Thoughts such as these always keep me awake.

This is a true love I could never fake.

As these nights pass I want you even more.

Winning your heart would be the perfect score.

You deserve so much more than I can give.

You give my heart renewed purpose to live.

I would do so much for a simple kiss.

I would give up everything for that bliss.

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