Little Sister

* It’s about wanting someone you shouldn’t who should be “protected” for some reason. They’re a troublemaker. It’s a plea for them to stop making you want them or to tell them to just stop and go for it depending on how you view the ending. Very loosely inspired by a song that could just be interpreted as falling for a girlfriend’s little sister and wanting her because she’s probably better but living in the sister’s shadow. *

You’re a poison sapping away my life.
Little Sister can’t you see what you do.
The hell you bring gives me eternal strife.
Little Sister what do I do with you?
You cause so much stress inside of my head.
Little Sister, you are wrecking my mind.
Those big blue eyes won’t stop until I’m dead.
Little Sister, you have me in a bind.
You keep spreading your poison through my veins.
Little Sister why don’t you stay away.
Thoughts of you put me through so many pains.
Little Sister, is there no other way.
Little Sister, you have control of me.
Little Sister, won’t you please set me free?

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