*This one is about loving someone in another relationship and missing them because the more you think about it, the more it bugs you that you aren’t the one in the relationship.  You thought it was going somewhere then you find out this relationship exists so you know it’s kind of messed up but you want it anyway.*


As nights pass by my heart longs for your touch.

It’s been so long but I miss you so much.

Your words alone can brighten up my day.

It hurts so much that you’re so far away.

It’s painful to have this forbidden love.

Though unrequited you’re all I think of.

You have someone else and I never knew.

As you’re clueless to how I think of you.

Nights pass by with your voice calming my dreams.

Each day this love reaches higher extremes.

I would win your heart if you’d let me fight.

I would do anything to hold you tight.

My heart aches for the chance to see you soon.

My love will be enough to make you swoon.

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