Love You Madly

*  It’s about someone who is on your mind more than you’d probably likely admit.  Every time you think of them you have nothing but good things enter your mind.  They’re amazing and sound too good to be true sometimes.  The world would be much worse off without them. *


My heart aches for the chance to see your face.

Every thought of you makes my heart race.

When we don’t speak my heart is such a mess.

Without you here my heart has too much stress.

My heart aches for a chance to hold you tight.

My heart just wants to make your world feel right.

Nothing’s good enough for what you deserve.

You’re an angel I’m lucky to observe.

You’re sweet perfection in every way.

I love you more than words can truly say.

Your immaculate love is too surreal.

You don’t have a clue how great it would feel.

The thought of your absence makes my heart cry.

I love you madly as these days pass by.

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