Lucid Dreams

* When you want someone so bad they appear in your dreams, and you train yourself to be able to control your dreams where you can be with them, and everything is vivid and detailed, and you find yourself wanting it more and more in reality.*


As each night passes I long for your voice.

The thought of your love leaves me with no choice.

I always find myself dreaming of you.

In these dreams, I’m spellbound by what you do.

In life these days nothing is what it seems.

I find myself missing my lucid dreams.

At least in those dreams I can hold you tight.

Only in my sleep does my world feel right.

All my lucid dreams lead me to your love.

It’s the only thing I ever think of.

These dreams consume me when I lie in bed.

No matter what I do you’re in my head.

You’re a goddess who leaves me in a daze.

I ache for more than dreams in future days.

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