Ma Déesse

*About a “dream girl”. Someone you’d want more than anything else in the world. No matter what happens you would do anything for them. You want them to be yours, and you want things to be real between you. They’ll always be perfect to you.*


Je t’aime grand déesse et Je veux ton amour.

There’s nothing else I could ever want more.

D’avoir ma déesse toujours et à jamais,

To always be able to own your gaze.

Though time may pass and slowly drift away.

I would only long for another day.

My heart would ache for all you’d suffer through,

But I would move heaven to be with you.

I’d go through hell to make you stay awhile,

If only to see just a single smile.

Tell me I feel more than an illusion.

Tell me that these thoughts are not delusion.

Ma déesse cheveux châtain et yeux marron,

A beauty no one could ever dethrone.

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