Measure of a Man

*Confessing how you feel to someone and asking for a chance. Asking them what you need to do to prove yourself if they have doubts and telling them how much you feel for them and how you could be everything they’d ever want or need. This is the 200th poem posted on here.*


To prove myself, tell me, what do I do?

What do you see when you look in my eyes?

There’s no limit to what I’d do for you.

How do I lift your heart into the skies?

Do I have to run through the fires of hell?

Or just hold you close in comfort and love?

You have my soul ensnared under a spell.

You fit me like a hand inside a glove.

When we are together I feel complete.

I’ll be your anchor in this blackened sea.

You’ll feel my love when you hear my heart beat,

Because when I hold you, you’ll set me free.

When you grant the chance, I’ll give all I can.

Show me just how you would measure a man.

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