*About someone you adore. They don’t seem real sometimes because they’re like a “dream girl” that just disappears. Real life doesn’t make sense with them because they’re perfect. It doesn’t make sense without them because you’re crazy about them.*

It feels like I’ve searched the world to find you.
You’re skillful the way you dodge me in dreams.
I’m enthralled by all that you say and do.
Yet reality isn’t what it seems.
You disappear from sight like a swift blur.
You’re a mirage too perfect to be real.
But you’re the only one I could prefer.
Compared to all others you are ideal.
You’re the glowing moon in the pitch black sky.
You’re the rainbow that shines after the storm.
I see heaven gazing into your eyes.
I feel perfection from a heart so warm.
I love you more with each beat of my heart.
I long for a time where we’ll never part.

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