*This is actually an old one. Was for somebody on behalf of somebody. Changed a line so it’s hidden a bit.  Always really liked this one but never posted it for a bunch of reasons. About when you screw up and you miss someone and want them back. Originally this was the intention.  The edit makes it end so that the voice suggests it’s the one that got away.*


I miss everything I had from your love.

I want everything old like new again.

Since I screwed up you’ve been all I’ve thought of.

Without you I’ve been stuck with so much pain.

I don’t really know the right words to say.

All I know is you’re my true love in life,

And I’ll love you for the rest of my days.

I still want you to be my future wife.

I’ve hated all these nights without you here.

Nothing in my world feels right without you.

You’re the only one who brings me to tears.

I want us together again like new.

Our love has always been special and rare.

I will never love another so fair.

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