Moon Of My Life

*Well I forget who but I was talking to one of my friends about the Game of Thrones tv series and the title was from something one character referred to his wife as.  Wrote it a few weeks ago with the previous post, just forgot to put it on here.*


Days without you are days without sunlight.

Your presence alone makes my world feel right.

You are the blood that flows throughout my veins.

You’r the miracle cure to all my pains.

You are the radiant moon of my life.

You’re the goddess who ends all of my strife.

I know perfection looking in your eyes,

Th eyes of an angel sent from the skis.

You are my one eternally true love.

You’re the perfection I’e always dreamt of.

You’ve captured every piece of my heart.

You’ve had me ensnared from the very start.

I dream of a future where you’re with me.

Since you’ve entered my life you’ve set me free.


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