*About wanting someone you probably shouldn’t. They don’t seem to feel the same way but it’s tough to get a read on them. You’re crazy about them but maybe they’re too much for you. As good as they might be for you in some ways, they might be worse for you in other ways. But you’re drawn to them, and you wonder if they feel the same way since they don’t overtly show it.*


When I think of you I’m full of desire.

I’m drawn to you like a moth to a flame.

Your very essence sets my heart on fire.

I feel weak when I even hear your name.

My heart flutters at the mere thought of you.

It beats as if it had a pair of wings.

Your beauty is truly a perfect view.

When you invade my thoughts my heart just sings.

But it feels like a fatal attraction.

Like flames to moths you’ll be the death of me.

You never give my love a reaction.

You never requite these feelings of glee.

Your feelings for me are tough to discern.

If I’m too close will the rest of me burn?

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