These Years

* It’s about one you let get away that when you look back on it, really shouldn’t have. You still randomly keep in touch and the connection is still there even though you’ve both gone your separate ways. The other person in particular can noticeably do better and deserves better because at one point they meant everything to you. The title is from the song that inspired the first couplet. *

I should have held you for all of these years.

I should be the one fighting off your fears.

Visions from the past control my weak mind.

No one tops you no matter who I find.

A past love I doomed before it could start.

You will always own a piece of my heart.

Even years later this love hasn’t died.

This has always been a thorn in my side.

It’s the only regret I have in life.

This loss of love has caused me so much strife.

You could do better in so many ways.

Your beauty still grows in the passing days.

At this point in life I wish you the best.

It’s what you deserve above all the rest.

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