My Love

*About realizing you’re crazy about someone, and that you haven’t felt this way in a long time. You know exactly what you want, you just hope they want the same.*

With each word that you speak my world slows down.
All life remains quiet when you’re around.
My heart is soothed by the sound of your voice.
Loving you allows my heart to rejoice.
It’s been so long since butterflies first flew.
It’s all that happens when I think of you.
Thoughts of your smile leave me frozen in time.
Your glowing beauty is truly sublime.
I’m entranced by your bright, glistening eyes.
Their beautiful light makes my heart arise.
I see heaven when I’m caught in your gaze.
My deepest desire is that this love stays.
I would do anything for you, my love.
You’re the one my heart has always dreamt of.

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