My Muse, Part II

*A direct sequel to the “My Muse” poem. About someone special who inspires you and captivates your every emotion and how she can somewhat toy with you unknowingly. Someone you could see yourself lasting with. Someone you would actually fight for because they deserve it. Someone who should have things written about them.*

She still beckons me.

With every day we’re apart these feelings grow more intense.

The magic never quells.

It only grows within because of her.

Maybe she isn’t what keeps me awake.

But she makes the late nights tolerable.

She is as I have always seen her for all of these years.

Perfection, radiance, and beauty otherworldly.

She is a shining star in a darkened night like this.

She is the only jewel worth possessing.

The type that can never be owned.

She is independent, powerful, and intimidating.

But not from fear, as she never could be.

But from her heart, kindness, and warmth.

From her beautiful smile and her doe-like innocence.

The features that get me through such painful days.

How much do I love you?

Well I could just count the ways.

I suppose it would be cliché, but that’s what she would expect of me.

She can find the humor in my darkest hours.

But never senses that I want love to be ours.

She’s too sweet for her own good.

I only wish my feelings were understood.

She doesn’t see the power she holds on me.

How a simple hello can set me free.

How thinking of her lets me write this way.

Why it’s so hard for me to repress it night and day.

She’s always been my special muse.

But if I ever told her, she’d say it’s a ruse.

I can’t lie to her, and I never have.

I just hope that one day her love will be what I have.

Her heart is all I want.

The way she has mine.

So I could place her name on all the sonnets I’ve rhymed.

So she could see how she’s truly divine.

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